3 Americans Killed at Cure Hospital

–April 24, 2014–

The news today is that 3 as yet unnamed American doctors were killed by an insurgent gunman at the Cure International Hospital in Kabul. The hospital is one of about 30 worldwide of the Christian medical charity Cure. I accidented upon the Kabul hospital in 2006 and shot the following images there. Even then, the volunteer staff was leery of publicity, greatly underplaying the charity’s Christian basis for fear of a jihadist attack. I respected the wishes of most of the American staff who thought it wiser not to be photographed.   14rv D-3546 Cure, exterior bldg comp7 14rv D-3566 Twins, incub comp7 14rv D-3570 Dr Keith Rose, portrait comp7In 2006, Dr Keith Rose (above), a Texas-based plastic surgeon, would spend a week or two every couple of months at the hospital performing cleft palette surgery on children. Most of the patients were girls, who, without the corrective surgery would be shunned by their own community and probably never be taken as a wife.

14rv EF-5322 Cleft surgery comp7

14rv EF-5338 Patient after comp7









14rv D-3593 Portrait, Mother & Tot comp7



14rv D-3590 Portrait, Girl, cleft comp7








14rv EF-5350 Infant #2 comp7Below, an Afghan medical tech draws blood from one of premie twins.14rv D-3571 Getting blood comp7


14rv D-3579 Infant, crying 2 comp7





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