Long Knives Out for Lara Logan

–May 7, 2014–

If you’re looking for some real dirt on luscious CBS journalist Lara Logan, check out a scathing profile of CBS News’ sexiest chief foreign correspondent here in New York Magazine:


Yes, with those 6000+ words it’s time for the liberal media to put a stake in her heart, since she attempted to cover the Benghazi story (for 60 Minutes) using un-credentialed and lying sources. Anything to save Hillary Clinton from her own Benghazi lies, even if it means adios to sweet Lara Logan.

Well, all might not call her sweet. I had my own experience with Lara, and shot the pictures here, spending  two weeks with her in Afghanistan in 2008. I mean, look at those legs. Can you imagine the effect of those legs and that outfit on horny GIs?

Lara Logan, Afghanistan, 2008
Lara Logan, Afghanistan, 2008

Truth be told, I can’t disagree with anything the article says about Lara’s fierce work ethic and even more fierce dogged investigative instinct, nor can I disagree with the author’s assessment of Lara’s immense talent as well as her even more immense propensity for using her charming sexuality to get war-zone soldiers (and generals) far from their wives and families and any women at all to lose their senses and open up.

Geez, forget about the NY Magazine pointing out that the British press talked about Lara’s methods, saying she “flashed her cleavage” and suggesting that she “put those bazookas away”. Forget the bazookas, that smile alone is enough to get an otherwise intelligent, disciplined company commander (in the photo below) to give up a lot more than name, rank and serial number.

080910-2658 Kilbride & Lara, chopper bg 1 comp7
Lara Logan & Captain Thomas Kilbride, Afghanistan, 2008

I saw it. I saw that captain (with whom I’d spent months and respected as one of the best commanders I’ve known in a long military career) put himself and his soldiers at risk just to get this sexy woman a story. That is, bullets flying.

(The NYMag article failed to mention that Lara was 5-months pregnant during that trip, and she had gotten special dispensation from the military to go out to this particular combat outpost.)

But it didn’t always work. Not the charm, not the smile, not the bazookas.

Below are photos I shot during Lara’s 60 Minutes pre-interview (before the actual filming) with then-commander of American forces in Afghanistan. Aw yes, the 2-star didn’t fall for Lara’s disarming wiles and actually wound up in only about 20 seconds of the subsequent 12-minute 60 Minutes airing.

Perhaps it’s a lesson learned, after the general had taken half a day to chopper hundreds of miles (multiple choppers for him and his staff and protection) just for the “interview”. And, the cherry on top: he’s the one who had to have approved that special dispensation for her 5-month pregnancy. But he wasn’t snookered nor blinded by the cleavage below.

Tit for Tat, Lara and Schloesser, comp comp7

Click on the photo above to see it larger, or just check out the central one below. Now now, dear reader, get your eyes out of that enticing bosom.

080910-2619 Lara charming MG Schloesser 3 comp7



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