Human Terrain Teams, Update

–March 29, 2016–

Those of you who have read Tattoo Zoo and weren’t sure whether or not I was way off-base on my relating (in fiction) the farce of the Human Terrain Teams (those anthropologists, of whom Kyle Wolfe was a fake and Robyn Banks was the real thing, but burned), here’s a real reporter’s take.

Below is a photo I took of an HTT anthropologist questioning a villager (through her terp) in Afghanistan in 2008. 080426-2724 Anthropologist XX


2 thoughts on “Human Terrain Teams, Update

  1. I am right in the middle of reading the book. Puts things in perspective. Reading the book Tattoo Zoo, it is definitely written for a man. Need a glossary. Book is all marked up with pen for easy reference..Tattoo Zoo should be read by every one who is interested in the workings of war from the top General in charge of the Afghan war to grunt. Why it is unwinnable. It’s a mini Viet Nam. Makes one question what is the real reason we are there? ( the only war we got stupid) The book has made me more aware of the futility of being there and spending billions of $$$. Riveting and has a human aspect. Glad it is not PC and throws no sympathy towards the people we are trying to bring into the 21st century. At least I don’t have any sympathy for them. Harsh? yes, but c’est la vie.

    1. Vivian-
      Midway through, well, it’s only going to get better and better and build and build. You’re still in for a ride. I’m disappointed that you “need a glossary”. No! I attempted to write it so that the military stuff would be explained at least one, and sometimes multiple times. Now, I can’t wait until you reach the last page. Just take your time, don’t rush, savor it. It’s a ride. And I’m going to save your words above, then remind you of them for when you set about writing your Amazon review. Short, hard, direct…..and positive? We’ll see.


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