Trump’s Winning Killed This Story

–December 1, 2016–

Let’s see if you can figure out from these three photo montages the story I had planned a few weeks before the election that was killed by Trump’s winning…….




The photos were all taken in three local stores in Tennessee. I anticipated that in the event of a Hillary Clinton victory, by three days after the election, by Friday of that week, the ammo shelves of these stores (and likewise stores nationwide) would be stripped bare.

Never mind the logic or inanity of that panic buying–that argument is best left for another day. Suffice it to say, the shelf-clearing would have been similar to the aftermath of the December 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting, when, if you’ll remember, it was over a year before these stores’ shelves were not stripped daily first-come-first-served of whatever stock would arrive overnight.

With Trump’s victory there is no story, as the photos attest.

If you don’t quite understand why, that argument also is best left for another day.

(Ironic Conundrum: Whereas in a Trump defeat, his passionate supporters would have quietly cleared off these shelves and inconspicuously slipped back home to store the ammo in their safes, in the Hillary defeat, her passionate supporters took to the streets to raise signs and shriek howls of protest, while burning cars and bricking windows, with nary a thought to arming themselves from the plentiful stocks in these stores for a real revolution they should believe necessary in the coming Trumpian Totalitarian State.)

Quite naturally, the curious among you are wondering whether or not I would have been one of those lining up at these ammo counters first thing upon the stores’ opening on that Wednesday morning after the election. The answer is no, not on your life. NO with a capital N and capital O.

I’ll leave you free to speculate if that NO is because I was a passionate Hillary supporter or because, prescient enough to know there’d be panic buying following a Hillary win, I had already filled my safes and offsite 6×8 storage lockers to overflowing.



2 thoughts on “Trump’s Winning Killed This Story

  1. Well. It would have been a good story and you were smart to take before and after photos of the ammunition in the stores. I was all set to be depressed the day after the election – with the election of HRC. But, since Donald won, I wasn’t depressed. Nor did I have to convert to my HRC schedule. THANKS FOR THE STORY ANYWAY.

    1. Steve-

      Been thinking about you and about your still-stocked shelves. I didn’t use the photos of your “before” shelves because, since they have remained stocked (like Academy, Dicks & Walmart), I hadn’t made my way out there to rephoto. I’ve even read online that the speculation is that within a year .22 ammo should be down to 4 cents a round. Sell now! Sell out now!!! In my own exuberance following the election, I chose to take advantage of an Academy sale and buy a new daily carry, a weapon that everyone raves about, replacing my Ruger LCP .380 with the Taurus 738 TCP .380.


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