With apologies to Edwin Starr for his “huh, yeah, what is it good for”, this blog is meant to be an informal and irreverent look at the Afghan War.

TATTOO ZOO is the nickname of the fictional US Army infanAvallone, self-portrait, comptry platoon (and title) of my big novel of the war. That’s me over on the right. A self-portrait in a humvee mirror, circa 2008 in Afghanistan.

Why this blog and why the novel? Chalk it up to 3+ years in Afghanistan, in the war, first as a Green Beret back in the early years, then later as a civilian embedded journalist with infantry units.

Magazine articles from some of the Green Beret Afghan time can be found on the Soldier of Fortune page. Also there you’ll find a smattering of published articles from the embed times.

For more magazine articles from the embeds, check out the Army Magazine page. The first there, “Morning With an FST in Afghanistan” (Army Mag, 2007 06June, We Do What We Can), is a pretty good look at the best of America’s commitment in the war. As the “Command Guidance” essay (SOF, 2003 03xMar, Afghan opinion essay) on the Soldier of Fortune page will give a taste of what a full decade down the road we would all know would ultimately be the folly of the war.

To jump over to THE NOVEL, click here: https://tattoozooblog.wordpress.com/the-novel/



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