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Title SOF 2004 04Apr - Hearts and Minds


16-SOF, 2003 04Apr, Hearts & Minds


Title SOF 2006 06June- Poppies R Us




15-SOF, 2006 06June, Poppies R Us


Title SOF 2006 09Sept - Eradication





15-SOF, 2006 09Sept, Eradication


Title SOF 2006 08Aug - Massoud




15-SOF, 2006 08Aug, Massoud


Title SOF 2007 02Feb - FOB Naray




15-SOF, 2007 02Feb, FOB Naray


Title SOF 2007 05May - Riding w 10th Mt




16-SOF, 2007 05May, Riding w 10th Mt


Title SOF 2004 05May -Busting Bomb





15-SOF, 2003 05May, Busting Taliban Bomb Cell


Title SOF 2004 02Feb - Heroin Lab pt1




16-SOF, 2003 02Feb, Heroin Lab, pt 1


Title SOF 2004 03Mar - Heroin Lab pt 2





16-SOF, 2003 03Mar, Heroin Lab, pt 2


Title SOF 2003 12Dec - Guns of Afghanistan




16-SOF, 2002 12Dec, Guns of Afghanistan


Title SOF 2004 01Jan - Blowing It Up




16-SOF, 2003 01Jan, Blowing It Up






Title SOF 2004 03Mar - Opinion essay


SOF, 2003 03xMar, Afghan opinion essay







Title SOF 2004 08Aug - Navy DocTitle SOF 2004 12Dec - Doc John Love


15-SOF, 2004 12Dec, Navy Doc John Love





16-SOF, 2004 12Dec, Navy Doc Love

Title SOF 2004 07July- Honoring Vets






15-SOF, 2004 07July, Honoring Vets at Gunsite








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